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Himalayan Ski Trek Nepal has been designed to create a cohesive mountain capability in all Mountainous environments to enhance individuals in an expeditionary capacity in support of the Development of leadership qualities through adversity. This concept is drafted as a direct response to support the Nepali community in enhancing the well-established trekking companies by training Them in winter sports and by visiting areas that will benefit from an uplift of tourists at unseasonable times of the year. We also specialize in creating an adventurous outlet and disability awareness for both Nepali and veterans in extreme adventurous endeavors. Our personnel are particularly well suited to operating and decision making in hostile environments and often in isolation or in small team units. The expeditionary qualities of Himalayan Ski Trek Nepal allow the individuals to maintain a combination of core, specialist and expert capabilities within mountainous or challenging environments.

Crisis and risk management is the core of decision making in an expeditionary capacity. Planning, training and embarking on tailored expeditions to test the individual allows those embarking on a trip to task organize and generate a timely response to both subjective and objective dangers.

The range of potential expeditions is broad, We have generated a spectrum of adventures that will allow a template for future mountain based expeditions. This will create endless opportunities for individuals to conceptualise their own options plan and then pitch them to our experienced Mountain Guide and Sherpa team.

Himalayan Ski Trek Nepal seeks to achieve influence in complex situations through the application of diplomacy, good core leadership and team work. The ability to operate effectively in a small team with local partners demonstrates the core values of the company ethos.

The ability to adopt a testing expeditionary environment for small teams and individuals will allow us as a company to explore new areas and inspire leadership potential in our varied cross section of clients. Finally Himalayan Ski Trek Nepal allows flexibility in execution. Once an expedition is being executed, individuals at all levels should be prepared to adapt the plan to respond where the unexpected may have occurred.

Interesting and agile expeditions like the ones proposed by Himalayan Ski Trek Nepal allow us as a company to enhance our mountainous and hostile environment capability, develop leadership and self-sufficiency through adventure and inspire a generation of Nepali, serving and ex serving Military personnel and any individual willing to pursue a lifelong adventure.


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