Great Ski-Trekking in Dolpa Region

Dolpa Region lies in western part of Nepal. It is still struggling for basic infrastructures. This area is one of the most remote areas of Nepal.  However Dolpa is so called by Heart of Himalaya. Naturally It is very richest and flourished. There are hundred more natural lakes, waterfalls and rivers. There are full of green forest in low land and beautiful small peaks in the upper part. Shey Phokeshondo Lake(Biggest lake of Nepal)  is main attracting point of this region. This is natural habitat for many wildlife and birds. Nobody can disturb you during your ski-trek. It is very peace from people crowd and activities.

Upper part of Dolpa above the height 3000m is always covered by snow during winter season. There are so many naturally slope and steep areas with an angle 20 to 45(black) degree which is best for skiing.

Downhill Skiing, Cross Country skiing, Backcountry Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, Telemark Skiing and Adaptive Skiing can be easily do in most of the part. Also it is best for Off-piste Skier. The 30 day Dolpa Ski-Trekking offers you and best trekking and skiing packages. Every day you have to walk 4-5 hour with skiing somewhere and trekking. Also you can hire Helicopter for heli-skiing. The Best Season to do skiing in this region is December to February and March-April too.


Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu

(transfer to hotel and welcome dinner)

Day 03: Final preparation in Kathmandu

Day 03: Drive to Beni (830m, 10 hrs)

Day 04: Beni to Babiyachaur (950m, 5hrs)

Day 05: Babiyachaur to Darbang (1150m, 5-6hrs)

Day 06: Darbang to Muna (1885m, 5-6hrs)

Day 07: Muna to Moreni (2650m, 4-5hrs)

Day 08: Moreni to Jaljala Pass (3510m) then Trek to Gurjaghat (3070m, 6hrs)

(Skiing in Jaljala and  Gurjaghat)

Day 09: Gurjaghat to Dhorpatan (2960m)3-4 hr

(Skiing in Dhorpatan full  day)

Day 10: Dhorpatan to Phagane Dhuri (4110m) then Trek to Thakur (3370m)

(Skiing and Trekking)

Day 11: Thakur to Pelma (2540m, 5-6hrs) -with skiing

Day 12: Pelma to Dhule (3340m, 6hrs) – with Skiing

Day 13: Dhule to Seng Khola (3820m, 6hrs) – with Skiing

Day 14:  Seng Khola to Panidal la (4412m) then Trek to Purbang (4050m, 6hrs)

Day 15: Full Day Skiing at Purbang area

Day 16: Purbang to Jangla pass (4355m). Trek to Tarakot (2537m, 6hrs)

(Full Day Skiing at Tarakot)

Day 17: Tarakot to Lahini (2800m, 5hrs)

Day 18: Lahini to Tarap Khola (3350m, 6hrs) with Skiing

Day 19: Tarap Khola to Tarap Khola II (3650m, 5hrs) With Skiing

Day 10: Tarap Khola II to Lang Khola (3950m, 5hrs) With Skiing

Day 21: Lang Khola to Dho (4100m, 4hrs)

Day 22: Dho to Num la Phedi (4400m, 5hrs)

Day 23: Num la Phedi to Num la pass (5338m). Trek to Baga la Phedi (4500m)

Day 24: Baga la Phedi to Baga la pass (5214m). Trek to Yak Kharka (3982m, 6hrs)

Day 25: Full day Skiing in Yak Kharka area

Day 26: Yak Kharka to Phoksundo Lake (3733m, 6hrs)

Day 27: Excursion Phoksundo Lake (3820m)

(Skiing over Phoksundo Lake)

Day 28: Phoksundo Lake to Rechi (2940m, 5hrs)

Day 29: Rechi to Chhepka (2838m, 5hrs)

Day 30: Chhepka to Dunai (2140m, 6hrs)

Day 31: Dunai to Juphal (2475m, 4hrs)

Day 32: By plane: Juphal to Nepalgunj and back to Kathmandu by plane

Day 33: Free day in Kathmandu