Gurilla Trail

Nepal faced 10 years struggle for Maoist Civil war since 1996 to 2006. This devastating civil war killed 16000 peoples, and many thousand were injured. They were social revolutionary to change political system through Maoism and socialism. Now they believe in democratic socialism. The civil war and its story is a history for every Nepalese. The place where Moist started civil war is a historic place and it can be a measure for every peace lover. This Gurilla Trek offers the beautiful natural beauty as well as a true remote area and their life style. The Trail has historic attraction.The people are really kind and gentle. The Magar, Gurung, Bharman & Chetri are main ethic group. Buddhism and Hinduism are main religions. Their festival, languages, traditional values and cultures attract you. It is and unique trekking route in Himalayas. It covers very remote district of Nepal including Rukum and Rolpa.

Every trekker can learn the real peoples life who are still struggling modern education, infrastructure and communication.  The 13 days Gurilla Trekking gives you the unforgettable moment. The people are feels really happy to serve you. There are spectacular views of the Dhaulagiri range and many other highest peaks.  Each day trekkers have to walk 6-7 hr to get destination.

Detail Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu.

(Welcome at Airport then transfer to Hotel)

Day 2: Drive to Pokhara early morning.

Day 4: Trek from Beni to Takam 1665m

Day 5: Trek from Takam to Lamsung 2250m

Day 6: Trek from Lamsung to Gurjaghat 3020m

Day 7: Trek from Gurjaghat to Dhorpatan 2860m

Day 8: Trek from Dhorpatan to Nisi Dhor

Day 9: Trek from Nisi Dhor to Tallo Sera

Day 10: Trek from Tallo Sera to Rujhikhola

Day 11: Trek from Rujhikhola to Thabang

Day 12: Trek from Thabang to Jaljale

Day 13: Trek from Jaljala to Jelbang

Day 14: Trek from Jelbang to Sulichaur

Day 15: Drive from Sulichaur to Kathmandu by private car

Day 16: Final departure