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Mingma David Sherpa

Expedition Leader

Mingma David Sherpa is a well-known name in Nepal tourism who is educated, multilingual, friendly and have vast knowledge on Mountaineering.He is one of the top Mountaineering Guide and Expedition leader of Nepal since 2010. He succfully climbed Everest 5 Times and Mt.K2 two Times. Also he climbed Mt.Manaslu, Mt.Kanchenjunga, Annapurna and most of the highest peaks of Nepal. His guideness always get success. Recently he is famous as a Long Line Rescuer. His Experiences and Training are :

Mingma’s Experiences

S.N Mountain/Height/Year Team Season Remark
1. Mt.Everest (8848m) -2010 British spring  Summit 
2. Mt.Cho Oyu (8201)-2010 British Autumn Summit
3. Mt.Everest (8848)-2011 British Spring Summit
4.  Mt. Amadablam (6812m)-2011 British Autumn Summit
5.  Mt.Everest (8848m)-2012 British Spring Summit
6.  Mt.Manaslu (8163m)-2012 Nepali Autumn Summit
7.  Mt.Everest (8848m)-2013 Indian Spring Summit
8.  Mt.K2 (8611m)-13 International Summer C3
9.  Mt. Annapurna 1 (8091m)-2013 Japanese Winter C3
10.  Mt.Makalu (8481)-2014 Singapore Spring Summit
11.  Mt.K2 (8611m)-2014 International Summer Summit
12. Mt.Manaslu (8163m)-2014 Singapore Autumn C3
13.  Mt.Makalu (8481m)-2014 British Autumn C2
14.  Mt.Everest(8848m)- 2015 Chinese Spring Base Camp
15.  Mt.K2 (8611m)-2015 International Summer C3
16.  Mt.Manaslu (8163m)-2015 Chinese Autumn Summit
17.  Mt.Amadablam (6812m)-2015 Chinese Autumn Summit
18.  Mt.Muztagh Ata (7546m)-2016 Chinese Summer  Summit
19.  Mt.Muztagh Ata (7546m)-2016 Chinese Summer summit
20. Mt.Manaslu (8163m)-2016 British Autumn C3
21 Mt.Everest(8848m)-2017 British Spring  Summit

Other Trainings:

  • Advance Mountaineering Training Course (NMA)
  • Mountaineering Liaison Officer Training Course (NATHAM)
  • Basic Mountaineering Training Course (NMA/AAOS)
  • Introductory Rock Climbing Training (NMIA)
  • Rock Level 1 Course (NMIA)
  • Basic Rescue Course (NMIA)
  • First Aid Training (HRA)
  • Trekking Guide Training (TAAN)

Chrish Thapa 

Ski Instructors & Mountaineering Guide

Chrish Thapa is currently lives in United Kingdom.

He is only one International Ski Instructors representing from Himalayan country Nepal. He is well-Known as a Ski-Mountaineer in Himalayas of Nepal and many part of world. Thapa Successfully climbed most of the highest peaks of Nepal and Europe. He climbed Mt. Annapurna (8091m), Mt. Dhawalagiri (8167m), Mt.Manaslu (8163) and He scaled Everest in 2017 as a season first sumiter. Also he climbed Mt.Blanc(France) three time and descent by Skiing . Most of the highest peaks above 6ooom he climbed. Specially he loves to do Skiing and Mountaineering. He is  ski explore and resercher in Nepal. As a Ski Instructor he is motivated to teach and educate Nepalese youth on Ski-Mountaineering. Since 2011 he is organizing “Winter Ski Festival” to provide ski sports for Nepalese youth. 

He got experience of Skiing in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Canada and America. Also he 20 years experiences on Mountaineering sector of Many part of World.

His Experiences

  • Heersbergfuhrer/Military Mountain Guide (2009) BASI-British Association of snowsport instructors (level 2- 2015) Team Medic- UK (2004) Skydived( USA/UK) (2007)
  • First Ski exploration in Langtang Vally -2010
  • Summit of Yala Peak(5500m) and descent by Skiing-2011
  • Skiing in Annapurna Base Camp-2012
  • Skiing in Throng La Pass(5416n)-2013
  • Summit of Mt.Dhawalagiri(8167m) and descent by Skiing.
  • Summit of Mt. Manaslu(8163m) and descent by Skiing.
  • Mont Blanc – Five Time Summit & Ski descend (France / Highest Peak in Western Europe ) 2001, 2006, 2009, 2013, 2017
  • Mt- Kenya Summit (Africa)-2008
  • Langtang Lirung Summit and descend by Skiing-2011

Jay Motion

Mountain Guide

Jay Motion is a Born in United Kingdom. Basically he loves to do mountaineering. Since 2015 he is exploring the Himalayas of Nepal.He successfully climbed Yala Peak(5500m), Mt.Langsisari(6200m), Mt. Manaslu(8163m) and Mt.Everest98848m). As researcher and mountaineer he is recognizing Himalayan Ski Trek from U.K.  He has 12 years experiences in mountaineering sector of many part of Europe and America.

There are many Trekking and Mountaineering Guides who are working as a part of Himalayan Ski Trek since estiblishment. Some of them are really extraordinary and talented. They are motivated to grow the company and it’s services.