Mt.Cho oyu

Mt.Cho Oye is a sixth highest mountain in the world with 8,188 metres (26,864 ft) altitude from sea level. This mountain lies in sub-section of Mahalangur Himalaya with 20 km west from Mt. Everest. It stands in between Nepal-China border. Mt. Cho Oye is consider as a easiest mountain to climb. It was first summited in October 19, 1954 with an Austrian Group.

Mt. Cho Oye is known as non-technical mountain. The best season is autumn season (September to October). Mt. Cho Oye can be climb only through Tibet side. Base Camp is accessible by jeep and it is possible to reach Kathmandu in a very long day from Base Camp. It offers you to visit some Tibetan community and their lifestyle. And it is one of the best way to see Massive Himalayas from opposite side. The flight to Lhasa passes Everest and some other highest mountains. Permits are required for climbers on both the Nepalese side of the mountain and the Chinese side. From Chinese side you need to arrange a liaison Officer(LO).

Detail Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Kathmandu

Day 2: Final Preparation Day

Day 3: Fly Kathmandu to Lhasa

Day 4: In Lhasa

Day 5: In Lhasa

Day 6: Drive to Shigatse

Day 7: Full day in Shigatse

Day 8: Drive to Tingri

Day 9: Tingri

Day 10: Drive to base camp

Day 11-14: Acclimatization & hike

Day 15: Trek to ABC

Day 16-18: Acclimatization rest day

Day 19: Climb to camp 1

Day 20: Return to advance base camp

Day 21-23: Rest

Day 24: Camp 1

Day 25: Camp 2

Day 26: Climb towards C3 and descend to C1

Day 27: Return to ABC

Day 28-31: Rest

Day 32: Camp 1

Day 33: Camp 2

Day 34: Camp 3

Day 35: Summit and Camp 2

Day 36: ABC

Day 37: ABC rest Day

Day 38: ABC pack Yaks arrive

Day 39: Trek to Interim and drive to Tingri

Day 40: Drive to Shigatse

Day 41: Drive to Lhasa

Day 42: Fly to Kathmandu, end of trip