Our Activities

Since 2011 the organization is motivated to explore and flourish Ski-Mountaineering & Ski-Trekking in Himalaya. However Skiing in Nepal is a new chapter for both Tourism and Sport sector. We believe that the upcoming day the future of skiing in Nepal is golden. In Nepal it can be thrill & adventurous due to high altitude and geographic condition. Our activities since 2011on Ski-Mountaineering and Ski-Trekking are describe as follows.

2011: Ski exploration and research in many part of Himalaya of Nepal with international ski Instructors and Nepalsese Mountaineer.

Skiing in Langtang, Annapurna Base Camp.

2012: “First Winter Ski Festival-Langtang”with some Nepalese Youth and international participators. It was first program lounched by Himalayan Ski Trek to educate Nepalese to the Ski-Mountaineering.

2013: Skiing in Annapurna Base Camp and “Second Winter Ski Festival-Langtang” With

2014: Successfully Summit of Mt.Dhawalagiri with Some Nepalese Sherpa and Descent with Skiing. It is first skiing on Mt.Dhawalagiri.

Successsfully summit of Yala Peak(5500m) and descent by Skiing.

“Third Winter Ski Festival-Langtang” with 30 more participators.

2015: “Fourth Winter Ski  Festival-Langtang” with 50 more participators from different part of world.

Winter Ski Festival
Winter Ski Festival

2016: ” Fifth Winter Ski Festival-Gosaikunda” with 100 more participators from Germany, United Kingdome, United States of America, Swyden, and Austria. Mt.Manaslu(8163m) successfully summit and descent by Skiing.

2017: Throng La Pass (5416m) Skiing, and ski explore in Annapurna Region.

And Nepalese Skiing in Germany-2017 successfully conducted.

We successfully organized some mountaineering event, which are describe as follows:

1,Mt.Dhawalagiri-2014(Nepalese and chinese Group)

2, Yala Peak-2016(British Group)

3, Langissari Peak-6300m 2016(British Group) 

2, Mt.Manaslu-2016(British & Austrian Group)

3, Everest Expediton-2017(British Group)

4, Mt.Blance-2013 France

5,Mt. Blance-2017 France

 Everest Base Camp Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek and Langtang Trek in many time in each year since 2011. Also we are organizing Ski-Training and Mountaieering Training to educate Nepalese Youth.