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Stability is the key when skiing downhill, and the leg muscles are constantly making adjustments to balance in order to stay upright. Downhill skiing is a great all-round way to keep both the body and the mind healthy.

Ski tourism has become a part of adventure tourism where Ski-Mountaineering and ski-trekking come under. Summit of the mountain peak by foot and come down by skiing is the best way to get a thrilled & adventure. For professional skiers, there is no such thrill beyond skiing off-piste in the Himalayas.

Nepal has seasonal tourism especially for trekking and mountaineering and it usually spikes in spring and autumn between the month of March and May and September to November. Despite the tremendous snow in winter in High valleys of Nepal we lag welcoming tourists in winter between December and March. Out of 14 eight-thousander mountains, eight lies in Nepal and the Himalayan range expand from east to west of Nepal. Within this range, there are several ski areas, which offer excellent conditions for skiing, snowboarding, ski running, and other winter sports. Nepal Mountain Academy, Himalayan Ski Trek, Researcher and some international Ski Instructors have reported Mera peak, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, Throng La Pass, Dhorpatan and Langtang Kyanjin Gompa are the best destination for skiing especially in winter. All of which are above 3700m. Therefore, it is not wrong to say: Geographically Nepal can be the best destination for high altitude ski mountaineering in the world and hence can be one of the popular destinations for winter tourism like European countries.

To further the exploring of possibility of Ski in Himalayas of Nepal, Himalayan Ski Trek was founded in 2012, the year in which Krishna Thapa Magar, the man behind Himalayan Ski Trek did Ski from Mt. Dhaulagiri and became the first Nepali to ski from Mount Dhaulagiri. This year HST did Ski Winter festival for the fifth time with change in Location for the first time in Gosaikunda. In previous years, Himalayan Ski Trek has been organising Ski workshop in Langtang area and Thorong la Pass.

Our main goals are

  • To promote Nepal as winter sports destination so that we can attract external tourists in winter increasing revenue in tourism sector.
  • To encourage Nepali outdoor individuals (Trekker, Guides etc.) to learn Ski and then choose it either as a hobby or a profession. It can therefore lead to internal tourism in winter.
  • Integrating with locals by experiencing mountain culture as we Ski in High valleys.
  • To teach local kids Ski, that means to create more awareness of the possibility that may lie beyond (we can take Gulmarg for an example).


In longer run, we are preparing Nepal to be able to host Winter Ski Championship sometime near in future. Also we are looking at internal and external investment in building infrastructure to build Ski Resorts in High Valleys, which again will help bringing revenue and therefore add not only economical value but also cultural value of Nepal. This will be reflected in economic stability of Nepal in longer run only with coherent act from Government sector and private sector.

Ski is regarded as expensive sports because of the expensive gears and it’s accessibility especially to Nepali people that’s why we provide necessary equipment and gear to those who are interested in learning Ski with us. So far we have trained basic Ski lessons to more than 60 Nepali youngsters from Kathmandu valley and outside and the feedbacks are positive. We are amazed by the passion they’ve shown in spite of hard trek and high altitude and sometimes-poor logistics in rural high valleys, participants are more enthusiastic each year. Last year we organized the Ski trek in Kyanjin Gompa with 20 Nepali and 2 International instructors and this year the number of participants grew from 20 to 80. Also, it became more diverse in terms of nationalities, gender and physical condition (disability). We had 10 international Ski and Snowboarding instructors this year. The trek also includes peak climbing, ice climbing, and avalanche training. This year’s bonus was the active participation of Hari Bahadur Budha Magar, a double amputee Gurkha soldier in the event taking part in all activities including Skiing, Rock climbing, and Ice Climbing. This was the first step of Hari’s journey to climb Mt. Everest in 2018 in which we the team of Himalayan Ski Trek is supporting Hari in every way we can to raise awareness of disability in Nepal. A documentary following the experiences of participants and journey of Himalayan Ski trek is in production and will be out soon.

The main aim of Himalayan Ski trek right now is to promote and support not only High Altitude Ski and tourism but also Disability in tourism as Hari frequently say: “Disability lies not in your body but in your mind”.  So it’s time to open a new chapter in the tourism of Nepal!

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