Trip for Adventure

The Himalayan country Nepal is a most beautiful country due both in natural and cultural diversity. It has 125 ethic group with 122 different spoken language within this small boundary. Nepal is a country of Buddhism & Hinduism. As a country of lord Buddha it is famous for peace heaven in the world. Not a single drop of blood has been shade in the name of ethic and religiously. There are eight mountains having height more than eight thousand ,so it is also known as country of mountain and Mt. Everest. It is best destination for trekking, hiking mountaineering, ski-mountaineering & trekking, rafting, paragliding etc. Himalayan Ski Trek is a best & first registrar company of Nepal to such adventurous events for foreigner since 2010 to till date . You can easily join with Himalayan Ski Trek to get thrill & adventurous trip in Nepal.